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Workshops & Training

One on one or for your group.  Virtually-led.

The (Virtual) Core Workshop $2400

Includes three full program weeks of instruction, guidance, collaboration, and developing your nonprofit storytelling process.

Guiding Principles & Organizational Narrative Week #1

You'll learn:

How to turn your mission statement into an inspiring and enduring Organizational Narrative.

When and how to use counternarratives.

What nonprofit story types and approaches have proven most effective for your type of organization.

Best practices for ethical storytelling.

And more!

You'll develop:

A draft of your organization's first set of Guiding Principles for storytelling and messaging.

A strategic outline of your Organization Narrative.

An action plan for identifying and gathering stories from across your nonprofit community.

Storytelling Strategy & Storybanking Week #2

You'll learn:

Types of nonprofit emotional appeals and how they work within story.

How to measure impact and results from narrative messaging.

The importance of a storytelling culture and ways to initiate one within your organization.

What a Story Bank is and how you can set one up that meets your specific needs.

About different types of story structure and how to leverage content across social media platforms.

And more!

You'll develop:

Your Storytelling Strategy, and create a Master Storyteller role. 

An action plan to implement a Story Bank, identifying what tools to use and taxonomies specific to your needs.

A final version of your Guiding Principles for internal feedback.

A rough draft of your Organization Narrative.

Anchor Stories & Storycrafting Week #3

You'll learn:

About Anchor Stories–how to identify those stories in your databank that are worthy of development as your core messaging.

The elements of crafting nonprofit stories–and the how they are different from other types of storytelling.

Storycrafting - how to create stories from your content that catch attention, build interest, and motivate support.

How to apply your Guiding Principles and Storytelling Strategy to your communications.

And more!

You'll develop:

Your Story Bank, and identify potential Anchor Stories.

A final version of your Organization Narrative for internal feedback.

An initial Anchor Story draft along with spin-off pieces for using across social media platforms.


I get it! We are all Zoomed out. The Core Workshop series works a little differently.

The Nonprofit Storytelling workshop is developed so that it allows your staff to move back and forth between Zoom educational and collaborative sessions.

Between these sessions they put what they've learned to work–hands-on–in your organization.

Fundamental to creating a storytelling culture, this approach integrates storytelling into the natural flow of daily activities.

Each Week:

Two days of 3-Hour Zoom Sessions (with breaks!) for education, guided collaborations, and Q&A

Off-Session Assignments - these will require your staff to schedule 1-2 working sessions for collaboration between workshop rounds.

PDF Handbook of Worksheets and Resources and Online Activities to guide off-session assignments and offer avenues of additional exploration.

End of Week 45-min Q&A Session to address any challenges that may have arisen and keep development on track. The final week this will be extended as we review accomplishments and create an action plan for moving forward.

This comprehensive nonprofit storytelling workshop leverages the best of virtual learning with hands on development with the time needed to absorb the information and apply it hands-on to development projects directly relating to your organization's communication objectives.

Flexible! Schedule the days of the week that works best for you and choose either morning (8:30 am to 12:30 pm) or afternoon (12:30  pm to 4:30 pm) sessions.

Workshop Extensions $250

These optional development 'deep-dives' can be added to the Core Workshop.

Organization Narrative Further Development

Recommended for nonprofits that have little to no mission statement and would like more time and guidance completing this process.

ChatGPT How to Leverage AI

For nonprofits short on time, artificial intelligence offers a game-changing way to streamline your writing and editing process. Found out how!

Counternarratives Changing Hearts & Minds

You have been monitoring the stories in your community and you want to combat stereotypes or misinformation about your nonprofit and its mission.

Ethical Storytelling Empowerment

An extension that is especially useful for nonprofits that work with vulnerable populations. Ethical treatment not just of stories and images, but also interviewing is addressed.

Also Available: Video Storytelling (WeVideo), Telling Stories with Data, Visual Storytelling

Virtual Training

One-on-one hands-on focused training via Zoom not only empowers your staff but ensures efficient use of all the multimedia production and distribution tools at your disposal saving them valuable work hours.

In addition to storytelling, I also offer training on the care and feeding of your WordPress website; maintenance, updates, redesigning, and troubleshooting.

Training is not a one-size-fits-all, and is customized to focus on your specific needs.

Contact me to see how I can help!

Membership Launching April of 2024

TCS is very excited to be offering a new way of helping your nonprofit succeed in narrative communications. In April of 2024 The Nonprofit Storyteller's Learning Lab will be made available to the public. This membership site will feature training webinars, writing workshops, resources and a supportive community.

Contact me if you would like to be notified when the membership is launched (and take advantage of early-bird pricing!) 


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