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Because you have better things to do (like saving the world). Get help with writing, setting up or maintaining a WordPress website, and site hosting that caters to nonprofits.

Writing Collaboration

Sometimes, you just need someone to bounce ideas off

Or you want feedback on existing messaging. Maybe you need help with editing. Perhaps you want to outsource a long-form story. Need help learning how to use ChatGPT for your needs?

Smaller organizations who don't have a full-time communications staff can struggle with storytelling. While I don't offer full-time writing services (I focus on empowerment so that your nonprofit can thrive into the future), I am always happy to ride to the rescue and keep your messaging flowing.

I quote per project and understand tight budgets and deadlines.

WordPress Websites

Plugin Integration

Integrate and configure essential plugins to enhance website functionality, such as donation software, forms,  surveys, and analytics. Read why Matomo is my favorite analytics option.

Website Maintenance

Regularly update WordPress core, themes, and plugins to ensure security and performance, and resolve any issues promptly.


Don't spend days figuring out why something isn't working. I have a decade of experience working with WordPress; I'll get to the root of the problem fast.


In today's digital world, cybersecurity is a crucial consideration for organizations of all sizes. Let's work together to ensure your website stays safe.


WordPress is number one for websites–but all that functionality gets complex. Training is an excellent way to learn the nuances.

Site Hosting & Email

Special nonprofit website hosting rates and personal support.

You never have to wait on hold and try to explain a problem to someone who needs a PIN number you can't find.

  • SSL

  • Email

  • WordPress Updates

  • Integrated Backups

  • Matomo Analytics

  • Security Scans

  • CPanel Access w/ File Manager

  • Green Server Practices

Packages start at $10 a month with annual discounts.

Harness the Power of
Nonprofit Storytelling

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Unlock the Potential of Storybanking

Discover How Story Banks:

Elevate Nonprofit Engagement 🚀

Transform Narrative Strategies 📢

Build Capacity & Strengthen Resilience 🌟

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