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Short on time?


Crafted for nonprofits venturing into storytelling: The Starting Line Report puts you on the right foot. For one week I'll serve as your strategic trainer offering expert advice. This package offers a comprehensive and personalized toolkit that will equip you with the fast-track fundamentals needed to move forward with confidence!

Benefits include:

  • Personal Consulting & Guidance

    Tap into the expertise of a professional. Our collaboration not only streamlines the process but also spares you the time-consuming hurdles and potential frustrations often encountered when navigating this terrain alone.

  • Narrative Action Plan

    A prioritized (and doable!) Action Plan so you can get a jump on integrating the right kind of storytelling into your messaging.

  • Strategic Storytelling Blueprint

    Personalized, this will frame out the next steps for creating a strategy for compelling outreach and PR.

  • And more...

    Including tailored resources, ethics review, and a special bonus to get you story bank savvy!

It's not just about insights; it's about assurance. You'll gain a clear understanding of how storytelling can amplify your organization's mission, along with the tools to simplify the process. Download flyer to share.

Seeking more in-depth and detailed guidance? Scroll to explore additional consulting options:


Do you relate to this little guy?
Confused where to start but ready to commit to building a solid messaging strategy?


Your time is at a premium: the 'Out of the Gate' consulting package gets your organization off and running.

Getting Out of the Gate means building a strong foundation and focusing on easy-to-implement actions that offer maximum results.

This package focuses on your group's mission, your cause, and identifying your overarching organizational story. The who, what, and why leverages your strengths and will help to uncover solutions to specific challenges. 

Maybe your organization is just getting started on developing a storytelling strategy?  Perhaps your cause is not well-understood?  Or–you have the data, but it's been a struggle to convince donors of the importance of your mission?

Messaging that motivates action is critical: this consulting package prioritizes that need while building the core processes that ensure you can achieve repeatable and consistent results and you grow into the future.

You need to master messaging that will motivate support and funding. And you need to do it now.

You can expect 2-4 days of dedicated consulting to make the most of our time together. It's also a fun process that is bound to energize and motivate!


  • Initial Virtual Consultation
  • 3-5 Discovery Interviews, of 15-20 minutes, with identified key staff, volunteers and/or constituents 
  • Comprehensive Review of all existing communications content and marketing efforts


  • Action Plan: 8-Point 'Top Priorities' cover the most critical steps to implement in each of the eight sectors of the Social Impact Storytelling Framework. Your organization will establish a set of Guiding Principles as well as an initial Storytelling Strategy–and the know-how to expand and adapt it into the future.
  • Metanarrative Identification and Review: This is your most enduring and important story. Recommendations outline all the essentials for crafting yours into a successful and compelling message.
  • Thinking Out of the Box: Identification of at least one overlooked opportunity and how to better leverage that potential.
  • Top Storytelling Challenge: Identification and recommendations to overcome your most pressing obstacle.


  • Story Bank: Recommendations for setting up an story bank that fits with your organization's needs. 
  • Social Impact Story Framework Worksheet and Online Mini Course (available Fall 2022).
  • 45 Min. Virtual Q&A Follow-Up
  • Phone and email support for any additional questions for the next three months.

Get up to speed fast - recommendations will take into account your need for efficiency, to establish a strong foundation going forward, and leveraging your strengths for results.

Come away with a clear plan of action - taking your budget and needs into account, we'll devise a strategy made up of specific, prioritized, and implementable to-dos.

Supported with creative solutions - your mission, community, cause, and challenges are unique and there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to storytelling.

Learn the basics of compelling social impact storycrafting–how hooks, transformation, characters, chronology, and causality apply to your specific stories so your organization can better identify and develop your Mainspring Stories.

Understand what makes an effective social impact story–for your organization - I'll show you how to develop narratives that get results.

$600 - $1200

*Prices are dependent on several factors including organizational size and reach. To get started I offer a no-obligation assessment to refine your package and price.


You have a communications plan, but it feels like your messaging is falling flat out?
Is rallying support and raising funding always a struggle? Yet, it seems impossible to do more–as your team is always running flat out?

Staying on Track involves adjusting your strategy and making necessary course corrections by ensuring communication tasks are easier–not harder.

Your mission is successful and your team is passionate while working hard to stay on top of everything.

But you are facing stiff competition for funding. Or maybe you are having a hard time keeping volunteers committed and donors loyal?

This package focuses on identifying overlooked opportunities, removing obstacles, and streamlining the process involved with collecting and developing effective stories.

Your Storytelling Strategy is developed and refined for specificity, addressing sector best practices and donor motivations. Targeting tactical short-term stories and long-term narratives, this package prioritizes a communications plan that reengages.

Settle into your storytelling stride.

A dedicated consulting sprint, across two weeks, is a deep dive into your organizational communications, storytelling, needs and methods. It's comprehensive, detailed and will provide new processes and options for effectiveness and efficiency.


  • Initial Virtual Consultation
  • 10-12 Discovery Interviews, of 15-20 minutes, with identified key staff, volunteers, constituents, donors and community members 
  • Comprehensive Review of all existing communications content, marketing, and your communication strategy
  • Sector Practices Research
  • Donor Motivation Research


  • Action Plan: Comprehensive 8-Point Social Impact Storytelling Framework recommendations ensures your organization  moves forward with a fully-developed Guiding Principles as well as a detailed Storytelling Strategy–and the know-how to expand and adapt it into the future.
  • Metanarrative Development: This is your most enduring and important story. Recommendations include a draft of of your recrafted mission statement, history, current work and vision into a compelling metanarrative. Ongoing support will help your staff develop it fully through your organization's feedback process.
  • Thinking Out of the Box: Identification of overlooked opportunities and how to better leverage that potential.
  • Storytelling Challenges: Identification and recommendations to overcome your 2-3 most pressing obstacles.
  • Best Practices: Identification of most successful storytelling practices for your organization type and recommendations how to implement for your stories.
  • Donor Motivations: Identification of what themes and story narratives are most motivating for your donors.


  • Story Bank: Recommendations for setting up an story bank that fits with your organization's needs. 
  • Social Impact Story Framework Worksheet and Online Mini Course (available Fall 2022).
  • 2 - 45 Min. Virtual Q&A Follow-Ups
  • Phone and email support for the next three months to support implementation of all recommendations.

Come away with multiple clear plans of action:

  • streamline cumbersome storytelling processes by leveraging creative solutions and utilizing existing tools to their best advantage,
  • steer consistent narrative messaging across your organization now and in the future through the development of the Social Impact Storytelling Framework for your organization,
  • and initiate a culture of storytelling across your community to ensure the generation of fresh and continuous content.

Fully integrate strategic storytelling into your marketing objectives - comprehensive recommendations will focus on your mission and message, organizational structure, sector, and donors to guide future strategies and campaigns.

Hone in on the most effective strategies of social impact storytelling for your organization - specific recommendations focus on where to best direct your energy for raising awareness and connecting with your supporters, whether that is on counter-narratives, ethical practices, better use of social media, or motivational story structures. 

Your staff will understand how to apply the elements of storycrafting–specific to your mission - recommendations will include the identification of narratives and themes to pursue, and using the refinement of your metanarrative as an example, your staff will be able to to apply the same methods to developing Mainspring stories.


*Prices are dependent on several factors including organizational size, complexity, donor fragmentation, and reach. To get started I offer a no-obligation assessment to refine your package details and price.


Your organization is moving at top speed: the 'Staying On Track' consulting package ensures you stay out of the weeds and on course.


Are your communication objectives consistently meeting their targets? Could you achieve more?
Your organization is established, diverse, and successful, but has your messaging has become diluted and disconnected?

Stick figures. Education, Workshop, Lecturer. Isolated on white background. Hand drawn doodle line art cartoon design character. Nr.8

Your organization has achieved great things, but you can't rest on your laurels: the 'In the Winner's Circle'  consulting package encourages consistency and repeatable wins.

To stay In the Winners Circle your organization requires storytelling strategies that are consistent, resilient, and enduring.

Your organization has grown and diversified and so have your stories. Lots of good things are going on!

But are your accomplishments not triggering the support you need? If your outreach, staff, and volunteers aren't reiterating consistent and compelling narratives that support the core of your mission, your organization is at risk of confusing supporters–and losing them.

To keep your organization winning, this package focuses on helping you develop an all-encompassing culture of storytelling.

Take a page from big business; the benefits of effective organizational storytelling pays off in far-reaching ways by inspiring your team, reigniting their passion for the cause, and building cohesion.

Externally, consistent and compelling stories are what drive donor loyalty and keep your volunteer base active and working as enthusiastic ambassadors throughout their communities. Your public image thrives and your organization is set up to adapt its messaging successfully into the future and through unexpected challenges..

When your organization repeatedly achieves success– expanding and growing its mission–we all win.

A detailed analysis of your organization's current communication strategies and narratives will provide recommendations that are tailored to addressing far-reaching mission objectives through creating clear story themes, strategies, and initiating an organizational culture of storytelling.


In this consulting package, the focus is on first identifying where your communications–internally and externally–are weak and at risk of jeopardizing your growth and and support. There are three potential downfalls that larger organizations face when developing social impact narratives: communication has gotten bogged down in the who, what, how and when and isn't integrating stories that inspire and motivate; diffusion of message leading to confusion; and while natural, a loss of control of the stories being told about your organization by your volunteers, constituents and being spread throughout the community. 


This package provides a custom-tailored plan of action aimed at creating, initiating, and maintaining a culture of storytelling across all levels of your organization.

  • Identify your mission's transformational themes that fire up your donors and volunteers.
  • Course-correct narratives that are conflicting, weak or muddying your communication objectives.
  • Empower and engage all members of your ecosystem in identifying, collecting and sharing the stories that support your mission.
  • Identify new opportunities for fresh content and how to better leverage all of your publishing platforms and keep supporters continuously engaged with smarter–not harder–efforts.
  • Set processes in motion that ensure that even the 'storytelling' that is beyond your control, such as the experiences your volunteers and constituents relate to their communities, are influenced to remain consistent and cohesive with your mission narrative. 

Depending on your organizational needs, you can additionally expect in-depth analysis and recommendations on your most challenging and pressing issues such as:

  • Counternarratives
  • Meeting storytelling ethical best practices
  • Adjusting story types to better meet your sector's best practices
  • Fragmentation and Story Serialization across publishing platforms
  • Review of your organization's Metanarrative (your foremost and most enduring narrative)
  • Taking advantage of different social impact strategies including emotional appeals, story types, character and content.
  • Assessing impact
  • Streamlining collection, management and publishing processes, including storybanking


  • Story Bank: Recommendations for setting up an story bank that fits with your organization's needs. 
  • Social Impact Story Framework Worksheet and Online Mini Course (available Fall 2022).
  • 3 - 45 Min. Virtual Q&A Follow-Ups, over the next quarter
  • Phone and email support for the next six months to support implementation of all recommendations.

Move forward with a specific plan of action to initiate, and integrate, a culture of storytelling into your organization. Your entire organizational ecosystem will benefit from a renewed sense of purpose in your mission.  Experience higher donor engagement and loyalty. Profit from consistent narrative themes throughout your organization's hierarchy.

Secure detailed guidelines to streamline and create processes that ensure compelling messaging isn't reliant on individual team members. To be effective, tapping into your organization's stories and further developing them to motivate action from your supporters, is founded on repeatable and implementable processes–not people.  

Fully integrate strategic storytelling into your communication and marketing objectives. Comprehensive recommendations will focus on your mission and message, organizational structure, sector, and donors to guide strategies and campaigns.

Identify what's holding you back now and potentially putting you at risk in the future, along with recommendations for addressing these issues. Feel confident your messaging will remain adaptable, consistent, and resilient through the unavoidable upcoming changes that result from both innovation and crisis.

Feel confident that you are employing the best social impact storycrafting practices and getting the most impact from your communications. This includes recommendations for benchmarking and measuring results, integrating storytelling into data more effectively, best practices of other successful social enterprises, and applying ethical and empowering story practices.


Consulting starting at:

*Prices are dependent on several factors including organizational size, complexity, and reach. To get started I offer a no-obligation assessment to refine your package details and price.

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