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Authentic stories aren't enough.
Nonprofit stories must be thoughtful and strategic.

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In addition to strategizing content, Dawn edited our existing copy to make it more engaging and helped us set up an easy-to-use online donation system. Her dedication and professionalism have significantly boosted our visibility with donors. I wholeheartedly recommend The Communicated Story. They have a genuine passion for empowering nonprofits.

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Nonprofits don't tell stories to entertain.

Your stories are real stories about real people.
These stories aren't just tales; they're the lifeblood of your mission. Crafting a narrative that resonates deeply can spark an outpouring of support for your cause.

The advantages of storytelling transcend fundraising:

  • Build Organizational Resilience

    By staying attuned to the evolving narratives surrounding their cause and organization, nonprofits can proactively respond to shifts in attitudes and adapt their programs or offer counter-narratives.

  • Inspire Volunteers and Staff

    Stories serve as guiding lights during challenging times. They inspire volunteers and staff, providing a source of motivation and unity when facing stress or crisis.

  • Navigate Complex Issues

    In tackling intricate subjects, especially those involving intersectionality, stories outshine mere descriptions. They're catalysts for changing hearts and minds, making them a potent tool for advocacy.

  • Build Trust

    Authentic stories that highlight your nonprofit's successes, challenges, and transparency foster trust and credibility with supporters.

  • Foster Community

    Stories create a sense of belonging, uniting supporters who share common values and goals, and thus strengthening your nonprofit's community.

  • Empower

    Creating space for beneficiaries' stories goes beyond material support. It empowers them, granting them a platform to share their experiences and perspectives, fostering a sense of dignity and recognition.

  • Differentiate Your Nonprofit

    The nonprofit landscape is large. Distinct and captivating narratives set your nonprofit apart in a crowded sector, helping you stand out and attract attention.

  • Cultivate Donor Relationships

    Loyalty isn't just about believing in a cause; it's built upon donors recognizing their place within your organization's community. This foundation begins with the sharing of stories.

Storytelling is fundamental to nonprofit success.

"Fairy tales do not tell children the dragons exist. Children already know that dragons exist. Fairy tales tell children the dragons can be killed."

~ GK Chesterton


Dawn Robuck

I'm a Nonprofit Storytelling Strategist.

And I'm all about helping nonprofits thrive through storytelling.

But I’m not here to be your typical consultant – I'm here to be your your supporter and your go-to for all things storytelling. Think of me as your storytelling partner, here to guide and empower rather than sell.

From sparking fresh ideas to weaving ethical strategies, I'm your go-to person.

If you're ready to make a genuine impact you're in the right place. No pushy sales pitch, just a warm and friendly collaboration. Let's bring your nonprofit's story to life.

My Approach To Nonprofit Storytelling Success

I am an evangelist for crafting compelling stories.
Their potential truly flourishes when an organization possesses principled guidelines and a well-defined strategy. Without these, even the most beautifully written stories never reach their potential for making an impact.


1. GUIDING PRINCIPLES are established at the organizational level.

This ensures your communications remain consistent.

Your Guiding Principles are developed to remain resistant to fluctuations in leadership, staff, technology, and unforeseen circumstances. 

Among other things, they include creating your organization narrative and establishing ethical guidelines for gathering and telling your stories.


2. The STORYTELLING STRATEGY refines philosophy from your Guiding Principles.

To be creative and to think outside of the box–first, you have to build that box.

Your Storytelling Strategy creates the specific parameters for developing your stories. It is flexible and adapts as circumstances change.

This includes things such as identifying emotional appeals that motivate and content that resonates with your community and donors.


3. ANCHOR STORIES are crafted to keep your messaging targeted and consistent.

Not all stories are good stories. Not every story is worth the time to develop.

The parameters set out in the first two steps will help identify those that are.

Once your Anchor Stories are identified then we move into storycrafting: how to develop these into compelling stories that harness the force of your mission and drive it forward. 

 Story Banks are essential to your organization's success.

But what are they? And how are other nonprofits using them?

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This research stemmed from conducting interviews with over fifty diverse organizations.
This research stemmed from conducting interviews with over fifty diverse organizations.

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